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Thailand brings to mind images of warm tropical oceans, flowing waterfalls and hot chilies, all of which exist, but it is the people who bestow real wonder on this kingdom. Tourist brochures call this Land of Smiles as the Thais are uniquely sociable people with a rare sense of fun.

Thai's ability to smile at the unexpected changes that life causes is brought about by their strong sense of community and pride in their country. Tourism is a key component of Thailand's economy as the inborn hospitality of the people merges with the country's numerous attractions which include some of the world's most beautiful beaches, historic sites, delicious food, magnificent Buddhist architecture and art.

With its population approaching 68 million, Thailand covers an area twice the size of England. Bangkok, its capital, is an enormous, thrilling city with a distinctive ambiance bearing little relation to the rest of the country, which is largely covered by a mix of rice fields, villages, plantations and forests.

The country is split into four regions: the Central Plains which include Bangkok, the North, the Northeast and the South. The altitude starts at sea level along the 2,600km (1,600-mile) coastline climbing to 2,600 metres (8,500ft) in the north. The north is a region of fertile hills covered in teak forests and valleys blanketed by green padi fields and orchards of fruit trees. The arid Khorat Plateau stands out of the northeast or Isaan, as having one of the most robust regional characters, as farmers farm rice, tapioca, jute and other cash crops.

Carrying foodstuffs and people south to Bangkok, the Chao Phraya River's course takes it through the central plains. The river floods the rice fields during the monsoon season. Leading to Malaysia, the south runs down a long, narrow arm of land. Beautiful tropical beaches bordering the many island stretch along the coasts of Gulf of Thailand to the east and Andaman Sea to the west.

Thailand Province and Cities

  • Bangkok (Capital city of Thailand)

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