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After its recent violent past, Cambodia is now emerging as an appealing destination. The grand ruins of Angkor are beyond compare and the energetic capital city makes a pleasant hub.

Any time spent in Cambodia is an extraordinary experience. Angkor, once the best city in the world, inhabited by over one million people, controls the country's past and present, and is providing a priceless and profitable contribution to its future. Visit after visit, one is still awestruck by its vast size as it seems as though all the riches of the Nile Valley were put together in a single place. It is one of a kind.

Apart from Angkor, Cambodia consists of Phnom Penh, once a delicate mix of Cambodian and French architecture. Despite the devastation during the years of the war and reduced population caused by the Khmer Rouge, Phnom Penh is certain to return to its former glory. Like Laos, Cambodia has kept many of the useful features of French colonialism, such as the romantic setting by the Chatomuk, or Quatre Bras, where the Mekong, Bassac and Sap Rivers come together, where one can sample French haute cuisine and sip a glass of wine.

Hidden in the forests, waiting to be explored are numerous amazing temples, hundreds of years old. Some can not yet be easily reached, but each year as clearing and renovation continues one can see that in the near future Cambodia will be one of the area's main tourist destinations.

The Cambodian coast was once the weekend getaway for French colonial officials and the Cambodian elite but was adversely affected by the authoritarian rule of Khmer Rouge. The rebuilding of the coastal resort of Kep continues as the beaches of Sihanoukville are developed into a tourist playground. The warm waters of the Gulf of Thailand are scattered with captivating tropical islands. National parks are being established in the isolated and inaccessible Cardamom Mountains, and other places, setting Cambodia to grow into a key wildlife destination in the future.

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  • Phnom Penh (Capital city of Cambodia)

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