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Burma (Myanmar) Travel Guide

With it's out of the ordinary sights, and inclusive Buddhist culture, holidaying in Burma has always been an enchanting experience, not forgetting the ethical dimension.

The spirit of Burma lies in its character, its diverse scents and color, its tone recalling past times. Unfortunately, its history includes a cruel military rule and an intensely oppressed population. Any traveler considering visiting this beautiful country has to tackle the crucial ethical question that asks, if their visit to Burma support the current rule or, does it somewhat decrease the country's seclusion from the world and assist the Burmese people. Both positions have persuasive supporters, and educated travelers must decide for themselves.

To date the country's name is controversial. The application of a series of name changes substituting colonial names with those closer to actual Burmese usage was conducted by the Burmese authorities in 1989. A significant change was that of the name of the country officially from "Union of Burma" to the "Union of Myanmar", "Rangoon" was changed to "Yangon", a city named in 1755 by Alaungpaya when he took over the city of Dagon and renamed it, and the Irrawaddy River is now the Ayeyarwady. Burma, will continue to be the name of the country, and the language will be Burmese as it is taken from the globally accepted term "Tibeto-Burman".

Aside from political issues aside, Burma is a magnificent destination. From the inspiring pagodas and colonial buildings of Yangon (Rangoon) north to the ethereal palaces and temples of Mandalay, and the remarkable ruins of Bagan (Pagan) where one can view the over 2,200 stone buildings built during the First Burmese Empire, a mesmerizing experience awaits the daring traveler.

Burma (Myanmar) Cities and Towns

  • Yangon (Rangoon)
  • Naypyidaw (Capital city of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar)

Burma Map

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